Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) at the University of Kentucky used by faculty to develop online courses. This development includes organizing online course materials, sharing video content, posting readings and assignments, facilitating discussion boards, conducting tests, and delivering messages to the class. Blackboard also provides a way for faculty to facilitate small-group work, blogs, and wikis, in addition to assessing student work and tracking grades. Our Instructional Design Team will assist you with developing your course in Blackboard based on your individual experience, questions and concerns. The following resources outline the basics for using Blackboard.


Logging In

All students and instructors receive access to Blackboard automatically and login with their link blue username and password. The login page for Blackboard is located here.


Getting Started

Information for getting started with Blackboard can be found within the Academic Technology Training Library here.


Obtaining a Course Shell

Course shells are created for all courses listed in the Registrar’s course schedule. Faculty can request a development shell for a course that is not yet listed in the Registrar’s course schedule by filling out a Blackboard Service Request.


Other Blackboard Requests

The following services are also available through UKIT by filling out a Blackboard Service Request.

  • Combining section enrollments or cross-listing courses
  • Updating faculty course assignments (changing the primary instructor of a course)
  • Adding a co-instructor or a teaching assistant
  • Enrolling non-UK individuals in a course
  • Other course shell-related questions


Additional Resources

For information on using specific features in Blackboard you can visit the Blackboard homepage within the Academic Technology Training Center. You can also visit Blackboard’s On Demand Learning Center for instructional videos explaining how to use Blackboard tools and features.


Blackboard Issues

If you have technical problems with Blackboard, please contact the UKIT Service Desk.