Hybrid Course Redesign

The Office of the Provost, Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) invite faculty to apply for funding to support redesign of large-lecture courses. Proposals focusing on development of innovative, technology-rich pedagogy and learning strategies to address needs in the constantly changing learning environment are welcomed. Delivery methods may include synchronous and asynchronous hybrid learning opportunities, ‘flipped’ class designs, and IT enabled personalized/adaptive learning.  A key goal of the award program is to support faculty development of measurable and sustainable methods for improving instructional delivery and learning outcomes for UK courses in all content areas.

Overall Hybrid Learning Course Redesign Objectives:

  • Improve student learning outcomes, student success, engagement and retention
  • Enhance UK curricular offerings and overall UK competitiveness in instruction
  • Support departments and faculty who wish to expand instructional methods and course delivery
  • Implement quality assurance methodology for developing effective and efficient instruction

Faculty may develop a research program on the impact on students, instruction, and administrative challenges versus those of a traditionally taught course and develop a plan to share findings, lessons learned and best practices widely.

The Hybrid Learning Course Redesign initiative will support the following:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous hybrid learning opportunities that can transform large lectures
  • Large-scale ‘flipped’ class designs
  • IT enabled personalized/adaptive learning
  • Research on the impact of the new degree program design on students, instruction, and administrative challenges versus that of a traditionally taught degree program

Courses selected will be funded from $25,000 up to $35,000 for a one-year period. Funding must be spent in accordance with budget submitted and approved. Departments/Units cannot receive more than $100,000 funding total per one-year period from this solicitation.  CELT and AT will provide resources and support (e.g. technical content development, instructional design, systems integration, assessment, and project management). Submission of required, large-lecture “bottleneck” courses is encouraged.