On May 30, 2013, the University of Kentucky (UK) announced a partnership with Coursera, a leading massive open online course (MOOC) platform, to create online courses (in module format) to improve the readiness and performance of current and incoming college students. UK's first online Coursera course will be designed to help prepare students for university-level chemistry classes and to support current students in existing chemistry classes by providing supplemental materials. Its design will also assist high school instructors in preparing their students for university-level chemistry. The announcement was featured in the Lexington Herald Leader and is available to view at:

UK’s Coursera website ( provides additional details, updated information as courses are developed and includes a feedback form for questions and comments.

eLII funding was awarded during 2013-2014 to four faculty members to jump start the university’s MOOC effort. No further awards for MOOC initiatives are planned.  



Kim Woodrum & Allison Soult
College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Course: Advanced Chemistry
Award: $41,969
Start Date: 7/1/2013
End Date: 6/30/2014

This course is designed to look at the topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the American Chemical Society. Engaging instruction and supplemental video demonstrations are designed to help prepare students for college level chemistry. Many students leave high school without being prepared for the rigors of college chemistry. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to review topics at a pace conducive to their level, whether they are encountering the material for the first time or are using the course as a refresher. Allison Soult and Kim Woodrum bring their experience to the course covering kinetics, equilibrium, acid-base equilibria, aqueous equilibria and thermodynamics. Instruction consists of concepts, calculations, and video demonstrations of the principles being discussed. Practice problems and end of unit assessments will help students gauge their understanding of the material.




Jonathan Golding & Phil Kraemer
College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Psychology
Course:    How to Succeed in College
Award:   $91,686
Start Date:  7/1/2013
End Date:  6/30/2014

In How to Succeed in College, students interact and plan their transition to higher education and beyond. This multimedia course incorporates presentations, videos, and social media while focusing on strategies for student success. Various perspectives are introduced through interviews with faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and current students to provide a holistic view of the college experience. Students in the course interact with each other via discussion forums, social media, and peer-review assignments. Topics include instructor expectations, social interaction, acclimating to new environments, strategies for studying, and student resources. The course is designed for incoming college students of all backgrounds and interests.