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Quality of Life

It is vitally important for us to have a comprehensive understanding of our community. We are genuine in our efforts to strengthen and establish relationships with individuals and organizations with special emphasis on trust and respect which are the heart of our relationships.

The City of Lexington has many great assets and combining our knowledge and strength will bring even greater value and meaning to our relationships and how we live. It is when the university connects our expertise with our willingness for collaboration and partnership building with the skills and knowledge of our community that we begin to make a difference. Through our many efforts we recognize joining other educational institutions in conversations on how to make our community stronger we all benefit.

Some of our most recent efforts include creating the University Neighborhood Advisory Council (UNAC), serving as representatives on the Town and Gown Commission and serving on local, regional and national boards. Our hope is to improve Town and Gown Relations through a set of advanced practices which we know will lead to a better quality of life of our citizens and create resources to identify activities and opportunities on campus.

Most recently the University of Kentucky along with the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) became founding members. The Assist V.P. for Community Engagement was selected as the representative on the International Town and Gown Association Board (ITGA).

Quality of Life Award 2012

Qlaity of Life Award Winner

Miss Kentucky hopeful Brooke Powell has been chosen to receive the
2012 Quality of Life Award, in recognition of her dedication to community service.