Workplace injury and illness add substantially to our nation’s healthcare costs and encumber the economic advancement of Central Appalachia, where occupational injury and fatality rates are highest in the predominant industries of mining, transportation, agriculture and forestry. Funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC/NIOSH), the Central Appalachian Regional Education and Research Center offers research, education, and training opportunities that are designed to help meet urgent regional needs in occupational safety and health.

Interdisciplinary Education and Training

CARERC combines the academic resources of four colleges at the University of Kentucky (UK) and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) to provide a fully equipped and recognized resource for occupational safety and health research and training in Central Appalachia. As a result of this forward-looking partnership between two leading institutions of higher education, we offer graduate programs and continuing education in

- Mining Engineering Safety and Health

- Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing

- Occupational Epidemiology

- Occupational Safety

- Agricultural Safety and Health

CARERC serves as a resource for industry, labor, government agencies, and other stakeholders while, at the same time, preparing men and women for rewarding careers in research, education, private sector leadership, and policy development.