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Request Recycling Containers

Use this form to request delivery or removal of recycling containers. With new containers, you can request related services .

If you need to request recycling service only... please select the service option in the menu on the left (or top on mobile devices).

All-in-One General Containers
The desk size can be placed under your desk and then taken to the nearest wall hugger or 50 gallon when full. (view photo)
The wall hugger is designed for a centralized area such as a copier room or main work area. Custodial or recycling staff will empty. (view photo)
A lid for your 23-gallon wall hugger is available on request. (view photo)
The 50 gallon container on wheels is for higher volume customers and is serviced by the custodial or recycling staff. (view photo)

Note: 7-Gallon containers are not serviced by custodial or recycling team members. The person who receives the container must empty it into the nearest wall hugger or 50 gallon All-in-One container.

Confidential Containers
a.k.a. Desk-side Container... this is a locked and secure container for confidential paper only. (view photo)
A locked and secure container for confidential paper only. (view photo)
On wheels for large amounts of confidential paper. (view photo)
Other Containers
Console for hard drives, flash drives, CDs, floppy disks, films and data tapes only. (view photo)
This container is for #5 plastic lab pipettes only. They are serviced every other week, on odd Wednesdays. (view photo)
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