Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with the development of guiding principles for the implementation of the value-based financial model and with providing input on key strategic questions.

  • Tim Tracy, Chair, Value-Based Model Steering Committee; Interim Provost
  • Melody Flowers, Director, Financial Model Implementation
  • Jeremy Alltop, Associate Dean, Dental Administrative Affairs, College of Dentistry
  • Jonathan Burns, Director of Non-Grant Accounting, College of Pharmacy; Staff Senate Representative
  • Penny Cox, Director, Housing Project Implementation
  • Rick Crosby, Professor, College of Public Health
  • Mary Goodman, Dentistry Patient Registration
  • Jerry Hart, Physical Plant
  • Shelli Hilton, Medical Center
  • Jeff Huber, Professor, College of Communication & Information
  • David Hulse, Professor of Accountancy
  • Vince Kellen, CIO
  • Mark Kornbluh, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Robert Mock, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Mary John O'Hair, Dean, College of Education
  • David Pienkowski, Professor, College of Engineering
  • Patricia Polly, Assistant Dean for Finance, College of Medicine
  • Stephen Sizemore, Assistant Dean, Libraries
  • Scott Smith, Dean, College of Agriculture, Food & Environment
  • Jeff Suchanek, Professor, Libraries
  • Jim Tracy, Vice President, Research
  • Kenneth Troske, Senior Associate Dean, Gatton College of Business and Economics
  • Bob Wiseman, Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Connie Wood, Professor, Department of Statistics, Arts & Sciences