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Market Ready Meet the Buyers

MarketReady Retail and Grocery

Good Foods Market & Cafe
Good Foods Market & Cafe is a natural foods retail grocery store in Lexington, KY. Good Foods has a full cafe and retail grocery inside, which carries various organic, natural, Kentucky Proud, and locally produced products. They strive to support local farmers and producers to support a sustainable local food economy. Click the following link to watch an interview with Good Foods Market & Cafe Manager Anne Hopkins: MarketReady Presents Good Foods Market & Cafe

The Kentucky Market Pavilion
The Kentucky Market Pavilion in Owingsville, KY is a non-profit market that markets various Kentucky farmer and producer products ranging from meats and jams to jewlery and crafts. It also has a fully equipped kitchen called The Lunchbox that serves delicious food, primarily from local farms, for lunch daily. They also serve breakfast on Friday and Saturday, including homemade cinnamon rolls. They have many seasonal events and promotions including the following: the annual Ale-8 celebration, Farmers' Markets, Produce Auctions, and much more. Click on the following link to watch an interview with Kentucky Market Pavilion Director Annalyn Slade: MarketReady Presents The Kentucky Market Pavilion

MarketReady Wholesale Distribution

Grasshoppers Distribution
Grasshoppers Distribution is a wholesale food distribution business in Louisville, KY that purchases local products from farmers in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. They purchase food products from local farmers and producers then distribute them to local consumers, restaurants, and institutional markets. They are dedicated to supporting local farmers and to providing consumers with nutritious local food products. Click the following link to watch an interview with the President of Grasshoppers Distribution Ellen McGeeney: MarketReady Presents Grasshoppers Distribution

MarketReady Restaurant

The Bristol Bar & Grille
The Bristol Bar & Grille is a restaurant in Louisville, KY that strives to support local farmers by featuring local foods on their menu. There are 5 Bristol restaurants in the Louisville area and they have a long history of working with local farmers since they opened in1977. The Farm to Tabel program has assisted The Bristol Bar & Grille in increasing the availabilty of local products on their menu; which includes a Kentucky Proud Feature of the Day and 4 other menu items which feature ingredients from local farms regularly. Click the following link to watch an interview with the G.M. of The Bristol Bar & Grille T.J. Oakley: MarketReady Presents The Bristol Bar & Grille

MarketReady School and Institution

Jefferson County Public Schools Nutrition Services
Jefferson Jefferson County Public Schools serve 30,000 students for breakfast and 60,000 students for lunch daily, and they have taken the initiative to support their local farmers. JCPS Nutrition Services has been participating in the Farm to School Program for 3 years, which has enabled students to eat nutritious locally grown foods. This has enabled JCPS to support local farmers and to provide the community's youth with more nutritious food products. Click the following link to watch an interview with the Manager of JCPS Nutrition Service Center Martha Dysart: MarketReady Presents Jefferson County Public Schools