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Kentucky Market Maker is an online resource for identifying producers, distributors, manufacturers and sellers.
Contact: Dr. Tim Woods
Email: or Phone : 859-257-7270

Commercial Kitchens in Kentucky




MarketReady was developed by Dr. Tim Woods to assist producers and manufacturers in preparing to enter or expand into new food markets such as resetaurants, commercial, institutional, and retail markets. The MarketReady Training program addresses the business practices and risks small farmers and ranchers must manage as they develop supplier relationships with restaurant, retail, and wholesale buyers. While significant opportunity exists to build on the demand for local products in local markets, many farmers are unprepared to meet the transactional requirements set by these buyers in order for them to manage their own food safety, insurance, product quality, and traceability risks. The MarketReady training program has been developed to help better equip growers to more successfully enter new markets. The training is based around best business practices identified by buyers in these markets that are actively seeking local suppliers.

Upcoming MarketReady Trainings

We are in the process of planning future MarketReady trainings. They will likely resume after the holiday season.

Contact: Kevin Heidemann

Email : or Phone: 859-218-4383


Better Process Control School

FDA regulations require acidified foods and low acid canned foods to be produced under the watchful eye of trained supervisors. USDA/FSIS regulations also require thermally processed meat and poultry to be produced under the supervision of trained personnel. TheĀ Better Process Control School in Kentucky is designed to provide the training you need in processing Acidified Foods under FDA regulations to ensure safe products and reduce liability. Production of sauces, gravies, salsas, pickles, beverages, condiments etc. fall under these FDA regulations.

Topics to be covered:
* FDA regulations
* Acidified Foods
* Principals of Thermal Processing
* Food Plant Sanitation

This course is specifically designed to meet the requirements of quality supervisors, manufacturing plant operators and all acidified food manufacturers. Audience: Those interested in processing acidified foods for commercial use. A Certificate of Training will be provided upon successful completion of the course, and all exams (passing score 70%). Registration fee is $225.


HACCP Training and Certification Programs

Developing food products involves taking the right safety precautions to prevent food borne illness and maximize safety.

HACCP Aplication for Registration
State HACCP Coordinators
HACCP guidelines and overview
Kentucky mobile processing unit
Kentucky mobile poultry processing unit
HACCP for Fish processors and Importers


Regulations and Requirements

Canning Regulations and policies
Federal Food labeling requirements for meat and poultry
Labeling requirements for selling away from home
Nutritional Labeling Requirements


Food Marketing Programs

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