Mary C. Bingham Seminar & Thomas D. Clark Lectureship

 World War I Memory: The 2018 Bingham Seminar

Led by Dr. Karen Petrone and Dr. Terri Crocker

UK Department of History

About Bingham Seminars in the Humanities

Every other year, the Center holds an open competition among University of Kentucky faculty who wish to offer a special humanities-oriented seminar that includes a travel experience. Ten students are then selected by way of competitive application for participation in this 300-level seminar. The Bingham Seminar in the Humanities provides faculty and students a chance to explore a subject not in the university's regular course offerings and to do so on-site, since the seminar provides funding to offset the cost of two to four weeks' study either in the US or abroad. The seminar meets on campus according to a regular course pattern during spring term, and then the travel portion typically begins in May, not long after final exam week.

Compensatory benefit for faculty instructor

  • Research and study grant:                 $4,000.00
  • Summer travel expenses grant:  up to $2,000.00

Compensatory benefit for participating students (based on an enrollment of 10 students)

  • Summer travel grant:    approximately $1100.00

Students and faculty should visit the UK Education Abroad (EA) website for more information about international education programming. The Bingham Seminar is offered in coordination with the Education Abroad office. Students, please note that Education Abroad provides scholarships to UK students and has excellent information on a wide range of external funding opportunities, too. Bingham Seminar participants are highly encouraged to apply for EA support. Specific deadlines apply and many are quite early.

Poster of past seminar (2012)The seminar also includes the Thomas D. Clark Lectureship in the Humanities, which allows the seminar instructor to invite a distinguished person in the field of study to offer two lectures, one for the public and the other for the seminar. The Clark Lectureship provides an honorarium of up to $2,000 and also covers transportation and lodging expenses of the speaker.

The seminar and lectures will be offered in the 2016 spring semester and May. The instructor is responsible for documenting the Bingham Seminar experience, with documentation due by the beginning of fall semester 2016 according to a format mutually agreed upon by the instructor and director of the Gaines Center. Past documentation has been creative, including a journal of student and faculty experiences and a website featuring travel photographs and student comments about their educational experience.


View a list of past Bingham Seminars and Clark Lectures here.


Application Information

  • The application deadline is  September 14, 2017.
  • You may download the application (found at the bottom of this page) and submit it by email to Dr. Phil Harling ( or send a hard copy to The Gaines Center, 232 E. Maxwell Street, Lexington, KY 40506-0344.



September 14, 2017: Faculty application deadline

Late September 2017: Notification of results

Late September through November registration for spring classes: Advertise course, approve student enrollment, and plan Thomas D. Clark Lectureship with the assistance of the Gaines Center

Spring semester 2018: Bingham Seminar on-campus classes in session; Thomas D. Clark Lectures presented (specific lecture dates TBD by instructor in consultation with Gaines Center)

May term 2018: Bingham Seminar travel course (specific dates TBD by instructor)

Fall 2018 semester: Submit Bingham Seminar archive to Gaines Center