Little / Gaines Artist Series

Sponsored by the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library and the Gaines Center for the Humanities, the Little/Gaines Artists Series is designed to showcase Kentucky artists working collaboratively around a unifying principle or theme.

Inspired by other collaborative projects including “Pet Milk: A Collaborative Creative Exchange” curated by Kelli Burton in late 2008 and early 2009 - in which writers’ works served as the inspiration for musicians’ and visual artists’ pieces - the Little/Gaines Artist Series began in the fall of 2009. Four Little/Gaines Artists and their collaborators presented their work that year. The community’s enthusiasm for the Series, combined with additional support from its sponsors, encouraged the growth of the program in its second and third seasons.

How does it work? The sponsors of the series identify a Little/Gaines Artist for each month of the series. Then the Little/Gaines Artist identifies one, two, or more collaborators working in a different (or the same) field: visual, literary, musical, or dramatic and performing arts. In 2011 and 2012, one month’s presentation is reserved for a student artist who is selected through an application process.

The collaborating artists present a program based on the theme conceived by the Little/Gaines Artist (in consultation with his or her collaborators). There is also an opportunity for short-term installations or exhibitions in the second-floor gallery space in the Little Fine Arts Library.

2011-2012 Little/Gaines Artists

November: Kurt Gohde & Kremena Todorova - “Americans”
December: Lori Larusso & Carrie Green - “It’s Not My Birthday, That’s Not My Cake”
February: Christine Kuhn - "Sanctuary"
March: Kit Donahue - "The Daily Routine: Theme and Variations"
April: Susan King - "Ephemerist's Salon"

2010-2011 Little/Gaines Artists

September: Ed Franklin - “Well actually, you might just as easily try smiling at him first”
October: Bianca Spriggs - “Out of Body”
November: Ellen Molle - “Force Fields” November
February: Robert Beatty - “What is a Hole?” February
March: Shannon Ruhl - “Line as Form” March (Student Little/Gaines Artist)

2009 Little/Gaines Artists

September : Kelli Burton - “Doll Baby”
October: Jason Zavala - “The Chase”
November: Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz - “I Want to Please You”
December: Lauren Argo - “How to Be Pretty”

All events are held in the Niles Gallery of the Little Fine Arts Library at 7:00 p.m. and are free and open to the public. A discussion and reception follow each event.

For more information about the Little/Gaines Artists Series, please contact the Gaines Center, 859.257-1537.