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Criteria for Requesting Release

The housing agreement/contract is issued for the full academic year and is strictly adhered to with exceptions made only under special circumstances.  A request for a release from the agreement does not constitute an automatic release nor should acceptance of the form be construed as a commitment to release.  Essentially, consideration for adjustments or cancelation of the agreement/contract will fall into four categories: withdrawal from school, medical, marriage and “in cases of necessity as determined and approved by the Housing and Dining Appeals Committee.”

Verification and documentation required:

1.  Withdrawal from the University

This applies to students who withdraw completely from the University (enrolled in 0 credit hours).

2.  Medical

Present letter of recommendation from the University Health Service or a private physician (on doctor’s official stationery, complete with address and phone number).  It should include all of the following information:

1.  Complete history of illness.
2.  Date illness was diagnosed.
3.  Type of treatment prescribed. 
4.  Last contact with the doctor regarding the illness.
5.  Expected duration of the illness.
6.  In what ways does living in the residence hall contribute to the illness?

Consultations with University Health Service to interpret letters from private physicians may be requested by the Dean of Students Office.

3.    Marriage

Submit a true copy of the marriage license.  Copy must bear the county clerk’s seal and records/filing notations.

The release, if granted, will be approved near the date of the marriage (up to one week prior) when it does not occur between semesters.

Primary consideration will be given to those students moving into university married student housing.  Consideration for off-campus housing will be given only if on-campus married/family housing is not available.

4.  Cases of Necessity

In the case of a major change of circumstance, the following reasons will be reviewed on a case by case basis:

a.  Financial Hardship

Financial reasons for release will only be considered if it can be verified that a significant change in the financial status of a student’s family or background had occurred since the date the student moved into the hall.  Examples might include a death of a parent, permanent lay-off of a parent, family bankruptcy, etc.

A release will not be granted for a student to move into off-campus housing, fraternity/sorority houses, to secure less expensive housing, to commute from home, or live in newly family purchased, non-permanent residential property.

b.  Study Abroad

Submit verification of participation from the appropriate office.

c.  Externships/Co-op Programs/College of Agriculture Programs (farms)

           Submit verification of participation from the appropriate office.

All costs related to verifying the basis of the request are the responsibility of the student