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Posted: Yesterday
Good to know - UK Dining info

UK Dining: August Openings and Hours of Operation...
It’s hard to believe that the fall semester begins in three weeks. Students: you are why we are...

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Posted: Yesterday
Good to know - UK Dining info

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Research Spotlight

Peterson - Surprising Results Published in Nature Medicine

"To our surprise, the mice aged normally; life-long depletion of skeletal muscle stem cells did not accelerate nor exacerbate sarcopenia," Peterson said. "Nature Medicine published our 'negative results' which show a clear distinction between therapeutic strategies that may effectively treat degenerative myopathies, such as dystrophies and cachexia, versus sarcopenia."

Alumni Connection

Summer 2015

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CSD Graduate Awarded Fulbright Fellowship 
HHS Community Engagement Projects
Q & A with the Dean

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