Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers both a pre-professional undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders and a master’s degree program in speech-language pathology. Speech-language pathologists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat problems related to speech sound production, comprehension and production of language, voice, stuttering, swallowing, orofacial anomalies, and hearing for individuals across the lifespan. The program provides a student-run outpatient clinic as well as inpatient and outpatient speech-language pathology services for UK Hospital and Kentucky Clinic. Students and faculty in this program are involved in the Rehab Sciences Ph.D. program.

Admission to graduate programs around the country is very competitive. To assure that our BHS graduate will be competitive for the very limited number of spaces in UK's graduate program and other programs around the country, the University of Kentucky limits the number of undergraduate CSD majors.

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Communication Sciences and Disorders is to serve the citizens of Kentucky and beyond by preparing graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality clinical services and assume leadership roles; by serving the community and the professions through provision of evidence-based clinical services, continuing education, and exchange of information among practitioners in communication disorders; and by promoting, conducting, and supporting research that contributes to the understanding and management of persons with communication disorders.

Program Outcome Data

The Master's program in Communication Sciences and Disorders tracks progress of its graduates on several outcome measures. We are happy to report that:

Program Completion Rates for Master's Program
Academic Year Complete on Time Completed Late Did Not Complete Percent Completing
2014-15 30 0 1 97
2013-14 33 3 0 100
2012-13 28 0 1 97
2011-12 29 0 0 100
2010-11 27 0 0 100
2009-10 28 0 0 100
2008-09 26 0 0 100
7-Year Average 99


Praxis Examination Pass Rates
Academic Year Graduated Number Taking Exam Number Passing Exam Pass Rate (%)
2014-15 30 30 100
2013-14 34 34 100
2012-13 28 28 100
2011-12 29 29 100
2010-11 27 247 100
2009-10 28 28 100
2008-09 26 25 96
7-Year Average 99
Program Graduates Employed in the Profession within 1 Year of Graduation*
Academic Year Number of Graduates Percent Employed
2013-14 34 91
2012-13 28 92
2011-12 29 84
2010-11 27 96
2009-10 28 96
2008-09 26 100
5 Year Average 94

* includes graduates enrolling in a doctoral program

Pathways to Licensure

The undergraduate Communication Disorders program leads to the Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS) Degree in the College of Health Sciences. Admissions to the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree program is only the first step in obtaining full credentials to practice as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. In order to practice as a licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist, it is necessary to first complete the bachelor's degree and then to gain admittance to and complete a master's degree program in Communication Disorders. Individuals holding only the bachelor's degree are not eligible for certification or licensure as speech-language pathologists, but may be eligible to work under supervision as speech-language pathology assistants in certain settings.

Our Strategic Plan (2009-2015)

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