Research Opportunities

The Honors Program is dedicated to cultivating student scholars at the university. To that end, all students are encouraged to embark on undergraduate research in their majors or areas of interest, and especially to do so in the context of their Independent Project option to complete Honors coursework. Honors students will find considerable program support for finding faculty mentors, developing research proposals, and finding venues in which to showcase the results of their research. Most Honors students who complete research present their work at the UK Undergraduate Showcase, the Kentucky Honors Roundtable, the National Conference of Undergraduate Research, or regional and national academic conferences in the relevant fields. Moreover, many Honors students publish their research as sole or first authors in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Please contact the Office for Undergraduate Research for assistance finding research opportunities.


This video introduces the many advantages of pursuing research at UK. Undergraduate researcher, Michael Lee, Psychology, is a current Honors Program Student.