Year-Round High Tunnel Production

Friday, November 2, 2018

1-4 p.m. CT, at Magney Legacy Ridge Farm, Princeton, KY. Magney Legacy Ridge Farm is a small family farm focusing on year-round seasonal vegetable production using high tunnels, low tunnels, and shade cloth. Host farmer Angela Magney will share with us the practices they use on the farm to achieve year-round production. Supplemented by the expertise of UK Extension personnel, this OAK field day will explore:
· Crop rotation and timing for year-round growing
· Soil health and fertility management
· Irrigation systems, including winter considerations
· Pest management in tunnels via sanitation and cultural practices
Angela will also provide insight into their success finding and securing local markets. The UK Center for Crop Diversification will extend the discussion considering statewide market data and research. This field day is geared toward production farmers and will highlight mid-scale mixed vegetable production. Cost for this field day is $5 for OAK Members; $10 non-members. Registration is recommended. For details, visit