CATS for Recovery

Open to any students living in long-term recovery from substance use disorders, eating disorders, and other behavioral addictions and students (allies) who are supportive and interested in living a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

This community focuses on providing a healthy, substance-free environment to empower students in recovery and their allies to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals. CATS for Recovery collaborates with Campus Recreation and Wellness, the Collegiate Recovery Community, and UK Psychiatry in the College of Medicine to provide support for students in the community. This LLP is based on a holistic wellness model, encompassing multiple dimensions of wellness, which will be incorporated into community living through programming, social events, and academic seminars. This offers students in recovery an opportunity to live in a safe, substance-free environment and be surrounded by like-minded, supportive peers, which can lead to a healthy, engaging, and successful experience at the University of Kentucky.