LEXengaged Community

About the LEXengaged Community

Students will gain an understanding of Lexington, its rich history and citizens, and its relationship with the University of Kentucky.

Come and learn about the city where you will be living the next four years. What challenges are facing Lexington and how has the University of Kentucky participated as a neighbor and a member of the Lexington community. This living learning community focuses on Engagement, Service Learning and Social Justice. It will be a vibrant community of socially conscious individuals focused on being part of the solution through use of academic-, service-, social-, and community-based experiences. Course topics will include volunteering in the city, eating locally, cultural economics, city government and town relations, regional identity, economic development and much more.

Student Profile

LEXengaged is open to all incoming freshmen, regardless of major. Anyone with an interest in service learning and social justice is encouraged to apply. The life skills gained and the sense of community are beneficial for students of any major—from biology, to architecture to zoology.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased awareness and understanding of issues related to civic engagement and global citizenship,
  • Enhanced knowledge of Lexington as a model for other cities in the United States,
  • Enhanced understanding of what it means to be an active, participating member of a community,
  • Increased engagement in curricular activities with academic partners and faculty,
  • Encouragement to become active citizens and to effect change in communities,
  • Skills in maintaining and enhancing relationships through social networks and inclusion,
  • Experience in applying principles and theories in real-world settings,
  • Teambuilding experiences,
  • Increased interaction with faculty, staff, and professionals from various fields and specializations, Opportunities to design projects and experiences regarding engagement, social change, and leadership.


All students who participate in LEXengaged will reside in Holmes Hall.


Lexington Engaged offers a number of extracurricular activities that foster strong relationships between students in the program and between students and the faculty. Students will have a variety of offerings to choose from such as field trips, walking tours and various other programs offered by the faculty and community leaders.


Students in LEXengaged are required to enroll in one connected course each semester.