ROTC Community

About the ROTC Community

The ROTC Living Learning Community is an opportunity for Army & Air Force Cadets to live and learn alongside each other. The ROTC LLP provides wonderful opportunities to engage in activities lead by the Peer Mentors, and allows for students who choose to participate in ROTC life to connect throughout their experience in the program and in their community.

2016-2017 ROTC LLP Community


Student Profile

The ROTC Living Learning Community is looking for cadets that want to enhance their ROTC leadership and training. Candidates for the ROTC Living Learning Program Community should be loyal, respectful, committed to service, have integrity and sense of community. These ROTC cadets should be able to build good and strong relationships with their peers, mentors, ROTC Cadre, Residential Director, RAs, and University of Kentucky Partners. All majors are accepted.


Peer Mentors

Grant Sellers & Sam Arnold
Air Force ROTC

  • Grant Sellers is currently serving as one of the two peer mentors
  • Sam Arnold is also a peer mentor representing our Air Force ROTC cadets.


Emily Kiphuth & Michael Clark

  • Emily Kiphuth
  • Michael Clark


Learning Outcome

Students participating in the ROTC Living Learning Program are expected to:

  • Achieve and maintain a cumulative of a 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Identify Core Values of either Army or Air Force ROTC branches and will actively engage in collaboration between the two branches.
  • Participate, at a rate of 90% or better, in Physical Fitness Training, class, and Leadership Laboratory
  • Be a committed community member, as well as maintain and establish respectful friendships within the ROTC Living Learning Program.
  • Attend ROTC activities or Residential activities planned by Peer Mentors, RAs, or RDs in the ROTC LLP Community
  • Meet and exceed the ability to be both a ROTC and University of Kentucky college student through maintaining academic standards, fitness standards, and being an active member of the LLP community.



Chellgren Hall is the current ROTC Living Learning Program Residence




Additional Information

Please contact the respective ROTC offices for more information about the ROTC programs

Army ROTC: 859-257-2696

  • Recruiting Contact: Allen Back
  • LLP Contact: Wanda Brooks

Air Force ROTC: 859-257-7115

  • Recruiting Contact: Capt Anothony Noto or Megan Kidd
  • LLP Contact: Megan Kidd