Become a Wellness Advocate!

We welcome anyone and everyone interested in promoting wellness to join our advocate ranks. You could be gearing up for your next marathon, you might be newly into zumba, maybe you've recently discovered the joy of preparing food at home - or you could have simply found relief in taking time to breathe...

What's the common denominator of our diverse group of advocates? It boils down to one thing: all of our advocates genuinely care about the well-being of the UK community, starting with themselves.

As a Wellness Advocate, you will take charge of advocating to a specific locale including (but not limited to) the following 3 areas/groups. We will share your locale on our "Connect with the Wellness Advocate in your area" webpage.

Example: Human Resources, Physical Plant, College of Medicine, etc.
Ex: Employment, Facilities, Gerontology, etc.
We would like to get in touch with your supervisor to share the exciting news when you become a Wellness Advocate. We may also contact them if you would like us to help facilitate the discussion about the Wellness Advocate time commitment.
Once you submit your application, you will receive a follow-up email from us including an email template that you can copy and paste and/or customize to start the conversation with your supervisor about your interest in becoming a Wellness Advocate.