Day By Day - National Nutrition Month

​Healthier eating habits are built one day at a time. But people often try to change too much, too quickly and hold themselves to impossible standards. This leads to burnout and feelings of failure, which only puts them further away from their goals. If you haven’t eaten a vegetable for months, why would you suddenly expect yourself to eat five servings of vegetables a day, every day? So, for the sake of giving ourselves a collective break, we invite you to participate in our “Day by Day” challenge during the month of March, in honor of National Nutrition Month.

To participate, simply complete at least one (1) healthful eating habit a day for at least 20 days during the month of March. Record your habits using one of the following editable PDF calendars:

  • Customize your own plan! Using the blank calendar form provided, write down what habit you practiced on the corresponding day. The objective is to think about what habits will be most helpful for YOU to practice – this is unique to each person. You can practice the same habit for multiple days, if needed. The UK Health & Wellness dietitians have provided you with a list of healthful habit ideas to get you started, but we encourage you to come up with your own ideas too!
  • Stumped on creating your own plan? Use the guided calendar form and check off each habit you practice, as you practice each habit on the corresponding day.

Submit your calendar as a PDF with at least 20 days of healthful eating habits by Friday, April 11th. Anyone who does will receive a prize! 

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