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What You Need to Know: 

The Benefits Contact page is a valuable resource. You can contact a UK Benefits Employee using the list below. You can also find helpful phone numbers for the companies and providers that service many of the UK Health Benefits.

Another important resource is the Employee Benefits Committee, which meets every month. Learn more »

112 Scovell Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0064
Phone: (859) 257-9519 option 3 
Toll Free: (800) 999-2183
Fax: (859) 323-1095

Benefits Staff

Name/email Title/Role Phone      Fax        
Carbol, Gail HR Manager - Benefits 257-8880 323-1095
Carmickle, Jeff Disability Benefits 257-0555 257-1679
Cornett, Tina Retirement Officer 257-4263 323-1095
Davis, Jon Data Management:  COBRA and Direct Bill 257-8873 323-8494
Dawson, Anita Customer Service Representative 257-8871 323-1095
Frank, Sandy Staff Support Associate 257-8765 323-1095
Goggin, Lea

Know Your Rx Coalition Clinical Pharmacist

257-8771 257-0098

Hale, Tolora Pope

Retirement Officer 257-8845


Henry, Donna Data Management/Customer Service Supervisor 257-8830 323-1095
Holbrook, Jo Staff Support, Data Management: Health, Dental, and Vision plans for employees with last name R - Z 257-8829 323-1095
Isaacs, Carrie L.

Know Your Rx Coalition Clinical Pharmacist

257-2393 257-0098
Kanatzar, Terri Retirement Officer 257-8825 323-1095
Key, Dana Staff Support, Data Management:  Health, Dental, and Vision plans for employees with last name A - G 257-8781 323-1095
Martin, Debbie Benefits Advocate 257-2124 323-1095
McMahan, Matt Prescription Co-Pay Counseling 257-2154 257-0098
Miller, Bart Disability Benefits Manager 257-8804 257-1679
Neace, Tanya Data Management, Life Insurance 257-8775 323-1095
Nord, Amanda Customer Service Team Lead 257-8813 323-1095
Payne, Joey Chief Benefits Officer 257-9185 323-1095
Robinson, Cara Data Management: Health, Dental, and Vision plans for employees with last name H - Q 257-2495 323-1095
Schagane, Stefan Employee Education Program 257-8772 323-1095
Watson, Carol Know Your Rx Coalition Coordinator 218-5979 257-0098
Wells, Lucy Prescription Benefit Manager 257-2519 257-0098
Whitaker, Rachel Disability Benefits 257-8838 257-1679


Provider Contact List



Dental and Vision:

Flexible Spending Account Programs:

UK Retirement Plans

    (859) 224-6900 - to schedule a meeting
    1-800-842-2776 - for customer service
  • Fidelity
    1-800-642-7131 - to schedule a meeting
    1-800-343-0860 - for customer service

Voluntary Benefits

  • The MPM Group, LLC (Cancer/Specified Disease, Long-Term Care, Short-Term Disability, and Universal Life Insurance)
  • Met Life (Group Home and Auto Insurance and Pet Insurance)
    1-800-GET-MET8 (438-6388)

Social Security

  • 1-800-772-1213 - to schedule an appointment or for general info
  • 866-530-7754 - Lexington's local Social Security office
  • website:


  • 1-800-633-4227 - enrollment and details about Medicare

When to contact UK Benefits vs your retirement carrier?

Call the UK Benefits office if:

  • you are checking on your eligibility to participate in the retirement plan
  • you want to know how to enroll
  • you want to request a retirement enrollment packet
  • you want to change your distribution of funds between retirement carriers
  • you want to know your voluntary limit for the calendar year
  • you would like to make an appointment with a Retirement Officer

Call your retirement carrier if:

  • you want to change fund allocations with a carrier
  • you want to change your address
  • you would like a prospectus on individual funds
  • you want to transfer money from one retirement carrier to another retirement carrier
  • you would like to set up one-on-one retirement counseling for investment advice
  • you would like to check on your account balance
  • you want to change your beneficiary on your retirement account
  • you would like a pre-retirement illustration