Delta Dental also offers two levels of coverage: Delta Dental Basic Plan and Delta Dental Enhanced Plan. Both levels have a $25 per person and $75 per family deductible that must be met before services are covered.

​Ideal for: Employees who wish to see a dentist outside of UK providers.


Benefits Structure Coverage Level Monthly cost
Delta Dental Basic Plan Employee only $24.40
Employee + child(ren) $46.30
Employee + spouse $51.90
Employee + family $76.30
Delta Dental Enhanced Plan Employee only  $33.00
Employee + child(ren) $69.80
Employee + spouse $72.80
Employee + family  $113.50


Summary of Benefits Delta Dental Basic Delta Dental Enhanced
Choosing a dentist  Based on Delta Dental PPO & Premier in-network Based on Delta Dental PPO & Premier in-network
Annual deductible  $25/person; $75/family  $25/person; $75/family
Annual plan maximum  $1,500 $1,500
Routine oral exams 100% 100%
Preventive: two cleanings/routine office visits per year* 100% 100%
Restorative fillings  80% 80%
Simple extractions 80% 80%
Periodontic services  80% 80%
Crown, bridge & dental implants  Not covered  50%
Endodontics (root canal)  80% 80%
Oral surgery 80% 80%
Complete/partial dentures  Not covered  50%
Orthodontics (up to age 19 on Enhanced plan) Not covered  50% up to a $1,000 lifetime maximum
Space maintainers  Not covered  Not covered 
* Four cleanings for patients with certain medical conditions