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UK Dental Basic

What You Need to Know: 

UK Dental Basic offers quality care through UK Dental Care facilities and dentists, lowest monthly premium. No deductible. No out-of-network coverage.

Plan Features

  • Diagnostic and preventive care to maintaingood oral health.
  • No annual deductible.
  • Discounted specialty services including certain services that fall under orthognathic surgery, bleaching, temporomandibular joint surgery and the placement of implants done in oral surgery.
  • No coverage for minor or major restorative procedures.

Summary of Benefits

UK Dental Basic
Choosing a Dentist Any UK faculty or post-graduate participating provider
You pay…
Annual Deductible
Annual Plan Maximum



• Routine office visit
• Two cleanings per year
• One fluoride treatment per year for persons under age 14
• One sealant on permanent molar teeth one time for persons under age 16


View full plan details in the current year's dental plan "certificate of coverage" PDF on this page.

The UK Dental network may be accessed on the web at: