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UK Dental Comprehensive

What You Need to Know: 

UK Dental Comprehensive offers quality care through UK Dental Care facilities and dentists, slightly higher premium than the UK Dental Basic. No out-of-network coverage.

Plan Features

  • Includes all Basic Plan benefits.
  • Provides 20%-30% coverage for minor and major restorative procedures.
  • Offers an orthodontic benefit of 20%; up to a $1,000 lifetime plan maximum.

Summary of Benefits

UK Dental Comprehensive
Choosing a Dentist Any UK faculty or post-graduate participating provider
You pay…
Annual Deductible
Annual Plan Maximum



• Routine office visit
• Two cleanings per year
• One fluoride treatment per year for persons under age 14
• One sealant on permanent molar teeth one time for persons under age 16

Simple Restorative Services:

• Amalgam fillings

• Resin-based fillings


View the full plan description on this page for certain limitations.
Major Restorative Services:
• Crowns/Inlays
View the full plan description on this page for certain limitations.

The UK Dental network may be accessed on the web at:

View full plan details here.