UK-RHP Plan: Provider Directory Listings by County

A note on physician/provider and hospital networks: The UK-RHP offers a better value and a larger network than ever for our employees across the Commonwealth.

UK-RHP Physician/Provider Network

Plan members may visit any Anthem provider in the 110-county UK-RHP network for primary care and specialist office visits and procedures performed in the office.

View the UK-RHP physician/providers state-wide (PDF).

Please note: Surgeries and other certain specialty procedures must be performed in the plan member's designated facility network (see below).

UK-RHP Facility (Hospital/Surgery/Diagnostic) Network

The UK-RHP network includes hospitals and facilities in one of three regional areas throughout the state of Kentucky (see map below), including UK HealthCare providers in Lexington.  As a UK-RHP member, you will automatically be enrolled as of July 1 in a regional facility network based on your home county (county of residence).

Important note!

See map below, and click link below map to view the county division listing.

View the UK-RHP provider directory for Region A (PDF)
View the UK-RHP provider directory for Region B (PDF)


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