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Retiree: Delta Dental Basic

What You Need to Know: 

Delta Dental Basic offers quality care through a large network consisting of the Delta Dental PPO& Premium network, which includes the UK College of Dentistry. Offers out-of-network coverage. No balance billing when seeing a preferred or premium network dentist. Click here for full plan details.

Premium Payment Procedures

Dental premiums are due on a monthly basis and may be automatically withdrawn from either a checking or savings account.

Delta Dental Basic Plan Features

  • Diagnostic and preventive care to maintain good oral health.
  • 20% coinsurance after $25 deductible on minor restorative services.
  • Coverage for preventive and minor restorative procedures only.

Delta Dental Basic Summary of Benefits

Delta Dental Basic
Choosing a Dentist


Based on Delta Dental PPO & Premier in-Network
You pay…
Annual Deductible
Annual Plan Maximum
$25 per person; $75 per family
Diagnostic and Preventative Services
  • Oral examinations (limited to 2 per calendar year)
  • Palliative emergency treatment
  • Periapical, bitewing, panoramic or complete series x-ray
  • Topical fluoride application (up to age 19)
  • Routine cleanings (two per calendar year)
  • Sealants  (up to age 16)
  • Space maintainers (up to age 11)
100% of the Allowable Amount Deductible does not apply 

See full plan description for certain limitations

Minor Services
  • Routine fillings
  • Simple extractions
  • Root canal therapy
  • Simple denture repair
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics services
80% of the Allowable Amount

Subject to Deductible

See full plan description for certain limitations


Neither crowns, bridges, complete/partial dentures nor orthodontics are covered with Delta Dental Basic.

The Delta Dental network may be accessed on the web at:

Click here for full plan details.