Retirement Overview Booklet

For employees considering retirement, our Retirement Information Document (PDF) explains retirement eligibility, income options, post-retirement benefits and more.

Retirement Process

Retirement Illustration

1) You may first want to request a retirement illustration from a representative with your retirement company (ies). An illustration will give you income options available to receive your retirement monies. It will also give you the amount of money you will receive upon retirement. Contact offices of TIAA/CREF or Fidelity »

Social Security Office

2) If you are age 62 or older, you may want to contact your local Social Security office to gain information on social security income amounts (The amount will vary based on your age when you begin collecting social security benefits.) Find contact & appointment information for Social Security offices »

Medicare Enrollment

3) If you are age 65 or older, you need to contact Medicare to enroll in Part B for coverage of physician services. Your enrollment in Medicare part A is automatic if you are eligible to receive Social Security benefits and you will be sent a card three months prior to your effective date.

You should not enroll in Part D prescription coverage if you plan on continuing coverage with the University Retiree Health plan, Medicare Carveout. See retiree medicial plan eligibility for more details. The University Retiree Health plan offers its own prescription coverage administered by Express Scripts.

Find Medicare contact information »

Service Check

4) Call UK's Benefits Customer Service Desk and request a “service check” be sent to you to verify your retirement eligibility.

Contact the Benefits Customer Service Desk »

Schedule Meeting with Retirement Officer

5) Once service check is received, schedule a meeting with a University of Kentucky Retirement Officer to receive instructions about retirement and benefits.

Contact the Benefits Customer Service Desk »

Written Notice of Intent to Retire

6) Please keep in mind, a 90 day notice to your department is required for early retirement from staff. (Early retirement is considered prior to age 65.) If age 65 or older, staff is required to provide a 30 day notice. Faculty members are required to provide a one semester notice. A copy of your written notice to your department should be sent to Employee Benefits, attn: Retirement Officer.