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Compensation Policy & Procedure

The University's compensation administration is designed to attract, motivate, and retain employees. It is our further intent to allocate funds for wages and salaries for you and your fellow staff employees in a fair and equitable manner based on evaluations of the work responsibility and on your performance in the job. If you are in a regular position, your position is part of our job classification system. In accordance with specific factors, we have classified your position as either non-exempt or exempt.

Current Salary Allocation Guidelines

The Salary Allocation Guidelines help support the process of implementing salary increases for staff and faculty. The Salary Guidelines apply to faculty and staff of the University of Kentucky. The Guidelines do not apply to UK Healthcare employees, since UK Healthcare operates on a different financial and salary allocation cycle.

The Salary Allocation Guidelines are intended as a resource for UK Area Fiscal Officers and Budget Officers.




May 12, 2015

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