FY 2018-19

In recognition of the high caliber of the UK HealthCare team’s service to patients – and supported by our system’s healthy financial performance – we are authorizing a salary pool of 2 percent for eligible employees. This increase will take effect on October 28, 2018 and will be reflected in pay issued November 16, 2018. Eligible employees will be notified by a letter posted to myUK before October 29. To view the letter, visit the Employee Self Service tab. Look under “Benefits and Payment” for UK HealthCare Salary Letter.

1) Who is eligible for the salary increase?

  • Staff employed in a regular position on or before April 1, 2018.*

  • Staff who were meeting expectations (2.00 or greater) on their 2018 performance evaluation.

  • Staff who had no documented performance issues at the level of probation during FY18.

*Employee must be in “active regular assignment” in SAP through October 28, successfully completed orientation prior to July 1, and had a performance score completed for FY2018.

2) How will the salary increase be calculated?

The employee’s pay rate as of June 30 will serve as the base to which the increase is applied.

For eligible staff who have undergone demotion or promotion between July 1 and October 27, their salary change will be based on their previous rate as of June 30 and added to their current base rate.

3) How will hiring proposals or position reclassifications in process at the time of the salary increase be impacted?

Promotions, demotions, reclassifications and transfers override the salary increase. The salary increase is not added on top of the rate determined for a promotion, demotion, reclass or transfer. Department hiring officials should plan accordingly when agreeing to a rate during this timeframe.

If the hiring proposal is a lateral transfer, demotion or promotion, consider how the employee’s potential salary allocation rate may impact the offer being requested. If it is in the interest of the department and the candidate, the manager may want to consider submitting the hiring proposal after the salary allocation. Workforce Management can help you evaluate your options.

If a hiring proposal is submitted to Workforce Management before October 28, it will be processed based on the equity grid in effect at that time. Offers will not be re-evaluated after the salary allocation and will stand as the official offer for the position once approved by HR. The salary increase will not be applied.

If a hiring proposal has been approved and the candidate has accepted the offer but is not scheduled to start until October 28 or later, the approved offer is the official rate upon start date and will not be re-evaluated based on the salary allocation.

4) Will employees who have transferred from one regular position to another regular position before October 28 be eligible for the salary increase?


5) What about employees who transfer between UK and UK HealthCare?

Employees do not receive increases from both. Employees who transferred from the University scale to the UK HealthCare scale by June 30, 2018, are eligible for a salary increase from UK HealthCare.

The new UKHC department will use the employee’s prior PE score. Employees who transferred from the UK HealthCare scale to the University scale by June 30, 2018, should have received a July 1 University allocation. They do not qualify for this October adjustment.

6) Is there any impact on hiring proposals underway for employees who are not currently in regular positions?

If the candidate is not currently in a regular position, their current salary will not be impacted by the salary increase. However, their offer may be impacted depending upon how the equity grid may change following the salary allocation. Consult with Workforce Management to determine if there is a change.

7) Are there any actions required of supervisors?

Departments were notified earlier to submit all exclusions due to performance, to Workforce Management in the form of a list with appropriate UK ID # and reason for exclusion. Please send any additional employee exclusions not already submitted to Hannah Magsam in Workforce Management.