Dear University of Kentucky Position Description System User:
Thank you for your participation in our online position description system. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. 
-The Compensation Department-

What is the relationship between the position description (also known as the job description or JAQ, Job Analysis Questionnaire) and the performance evaluation?
General information, including department and employee, is included in Part A of the position description. General information includes:

Organizational Unit 
Department Number 
Department Name 
Immediate Supervisor 
Supervisor's Official Title 
Supervisor's Position Number 
Supervisor's Phone Number 
Supervisor's Email

Funding Source 
Cost Center Number 
Proposed Budget Salary (Minus Benefits)

If the duties of this position are similar to others in the unit, please provide the position number(s) and/or title(s) 
Number of Hours Worked Per Week 
Out of How Many Hours 
FTE of Position 
Employee Subgroup 
Personnel Subarea 
Is this a flex position? (Yes/No) 
Number of Months Worked Per Year 
Patient Contact

The major job responsibilities, the essential functions, and competencies and skills are listed in Part B-1. This information maps over to the performance evaluation.

What is my role in the process of getting ready for performance evaluations through Success Factors?
The supervisor’s role is to check the position descriptions. By ensuring the position description matches what the employee does in his/her job, the performance evaluation will capture how the employee completes the job.

How do I review my employees’ position descriptions?

  1. For Campus position descriptions, please contact your college/department budget officer for assistance.
  2. For UK Healthcare, please contact:
  • Your HR Business Partner Senior; or
  • The Compensation contact at the end of the FAQ document; and/or
  • Follow the link to Position Management module of the Enterprise Budgeting Application:

Position Description System Department User Guide

If you do not have access to the position descriptions, please check with your budget officer.

I’ve reviewed my position descriptions, and I need to make some changes. How do I make revisions?
Modifying a position will include the action to update an existing position description.  As shown below, click Begin New Action, then Modify Position Description. For more information, refer to page 14 of the Department User Guide. To access the guide, follow this link:

Position Description System Department User Guide

Once you’ve finished making changes, follow the instructions to save and submit the document through your departmental workflows. Once the document goes through the approval process(es), then it will arrive in the Compensation Department. After the Compensation Department reviews and finalizes the revised position description, you will receive an email from the system. The system email confirms the position description update has been processed.

Do you have any caveats or watch outs for me as I review my employees’ position descriptions in the online system?  
There are some types of formatting and characters which don’t work well with the system. These include:

Question Marks
Asterisks (“stars”)

Example One below shows some of the things to avoid in your position descriptions. These could be a result of copying and pasting from other programs, such as Word or Excel, into the position description system.

Example One. Sample Characters and Formatting to Avoid

Tip 1: Spell Check. Because the current version of the system does not offer a spell check functionality, you will need to be careful of your spelling.
Tip 2: Numbering and Bullets. You can copy and paste from other programs into the text fields in the online position description system. However, please remove or don’t use the numbering or bullets feature in other programs when you’re ready to copy and paste into the system. 
Tip 3: Avoid hard returns within the sentence. This may occur through a copying and pasting process.
Tip 4: Remove Question Marks. We have seen numbers and bullets paste over as boxes. Not using those features and functions can help you avoid the question marks. If you do end up question marks, please delete them.
Tip 5: No Hyphens. The hyphens or dashes need to be removed from the text.
Tip 6: No Asterisks or “Stars.” This character causes problems in the system, and needs to be avoided.
Tip 7: Avoid Boxes. The boxes may be the result of copying and pasting indented numbers or bullets. Please remove any boxes from the text.

If you’re copying and pasting from another document
1. Select the text you want to copy. 
2. On the Home tab, click the down arrow under Paste.
3. Go to online position description system text box and click Paste Special.
4. Click Unformatted Text.
Ta-Da! If you use these steps, then you shouldn’t paste in any bullets, numbers, etc

In Example Two below, you can see how the text should look.

What if I have more questions?
If you do not see the answer to your question or need additional assistance, please give us a call. Click here for contact information.