‚ÄčThe total compensation calculator is a tool to compare and evaluate the overall benefits of being a UK employee to your current employer. We know that the decision can be tough, but as a UK employee, you enjoy a full range of benefits, services and programs that go well beyond your salary. Let's start by calculating the value of your estimated total compensation using the calculator below.

Benefits Comparison Chart
Your Current Employer   University of Kentucky
Your current annual salary $ Your projected annual salary at UK (gross) $
Medical Plans
Enter the annual value of current employer-provided benefits
Medical Plans
Health Plan Value: $ Select a health plan: UK-HMOUK-PPOUK-EPOopt out (none)
Dental Plan Value: $ Select a dental plan: UK DentalDelta Dentalopt out (none)
Vision Plan: $ Select a vision plan: EyeMedopt out (none)
Who will
be covered? YourselfYou + AdultYou + Child(ren)You + Adult + Child(ren)opt out (none)
Other Benefits
Enter the annual value of other employer-provided benefits
Other Benefits
See what other great benefits UK offers
Other Benefits:
Enter the annual dollar value for other employer-paid benefits (e.g. retirement, paid time off, etc)
$ Tuition/Training:
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Paid Time Off:
For the purposes of calculating the value of paid time, please indicate whether position would be hourly-paid or salaried.
Value of Benefits Detail
Your Current Employer's Annual Contribution   University of Kentucky's Annual Contribution
Medical Insurance
Health, Dental, Vision
Medical Insurance
Health, Dental, Vision
Other Benefits
Retirement, Paid Time Off, Standard Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Social Security
Retirement Savings 403(b)
Employer 10% contribution
Maximum value of 18 credit hours
39 days of Paid Time Off
39 days paid time off per year for new hire exempt (salaried) employees; includes vacation, sick leave and holidays
UK paid standard life insurance
1x salary; additional levels of coverage available for a fee
Total annual benefits
Total annual UK-provided benefits
Total Compensation Comparison Overview
  Your Current Employer University of Kentucky
Value of employer-provided cost of benefits
Total Compensation (salary + benefits)
Value of Benefits as a % of Salary

Please note: This calculator is intended for general comparison purposes only. It may not necessarily or completely reflect your total UK compensation package if hired. Benefits are subject to change over time.