Stress is about our capacity to handle change. People's reaction to stress varies.

Symptoms of Stress (pdf) contains a comprehensive list of the many different ways people may experience stress as well as a helpful worksheet.

Relaxation Techniques (pdf): Relaxation response, restructuring thoughts, and guided imagery are just a few of the techniques for stress management you will find in the Relaxation Techniques (pdf).

Self Test Inventories

Unsure whether to make a Work+Life Counseling appointment? Consider using our self-tests for further reflection and exploration of your next steps. 

A self screening instrument can be a positive first step and a helpful tool for you to use to determine if your symptoms warrant making an appointment with a mental health professional. However, by itself the screening tool cannot diagnose problems and does not replace in any way a formal psychiatric or psychological evaluation or visit with your primary care physician. If you do make an appointment it may be helpful to bring the self-screening instrument in with you.

Based on the results of your self-inventory, you may consider contacting the Work+Life Connections Counseling office to make a confidential appointment.