Coverage Level Monthly cost* UK pays Employee pays
HMO Employee only $531 $500 $31
PPO Employee only $531 $500 $31
RHP Employee only $534 $500 $34
EPO Employee only $722 $500 $222

* Regular part-time and temporary employees (less than 0.75 FTE or work less than an average of 30 hours per week in a 12 month measurement period), who are not eligible for the UK credit toward the costs of coverage, pay this rate.

Please note, while the information on this site provides an overview of the health plans, we recommend members become familiar with the specifics of their plan prior to receiving care.  For a more detailed description of the plans administered by Anthem, information regarding participating providers, and claims inquiries, refer to the "Contact" resources provided on our website.


Read about the eligibility for UK health care benefits »

Enrollment Options

Our page on "how to enroll" will guide you through enrolling in UK HealthCare benefits.

Other Options

UK Indemnity

UK Indemnity is only available to those participants who live or travel out of state for extended periods of time.  This plan offers the freedom to receive care from any physician for covered benefits. Read more »

COBRA Coverage

COBRA Insurance coverage is insurance on an individual basis when you or your dependent(s) become ineligible for University benefits, usually following separation from employment. Read more »

What is a "Combined credit?"

The Employee + Family /Combined credit tier combines the Single credit and the Employee + Children credit, resulting in the same overall premium amount being deducted as would be deducted if each employee enrolled in a separate plan.

The advantage of choosing this tier is seen by those enrolled in the PPO and Indemnity plans that have individual and family deductibles. By enrolling all members of the family on one plan, employees may benefit from a lower overall deductible.

Employee health plans

Employee health plans


Dental Plans

Dental Plans
2018-19 UK Dental
2018-19 Delta Dental