UK Human Resources

Completing Pre-Employment Screening: Background Checks and Drug Screens

What You Need to Know: 

Applicants are made aware of pre-employment screening requirements during the application process. Below, we provide you with an overview of this process from a hiring official's standpoint. 

If applicant requires a screen of any kind (verified by using this grid), continue with these steps:

1. Upon offer of employment, the hiring official clarifies:  "As you may be aware from the application process, your employment for this position is contingent upon your undergoing a routine national criminal background check screening process. Should a national criminal background check reveal an adverse event—as determined by UK Human Resources—your employment offer may be withdrawn; consideration is given to recency as well as job-relatedness to the position you are being offered. Should you falsify your application by neglecting to disclose a criminal conviction or providing incorrect employment, licensure/certification or education information, you may be disqualified from employment for any position at the University of Kentucky permanently.

2. The Pre-Employment Screening Service Center contacts applicant with instructions and coordinates screening. This contact involves Human Resources obtaining information vital to an accurate national background check. If the applicant is not located in Lexington or cannot get to one of our two campus locations, the information can be e-mailed, faxed or shipped to them. The check cannot be initiated without this information being returned.

*Note: You may need to use the Direct User Feature in OES to complete Pre-Employment National Background Checks. When using the Direct User feature on OES and changing an applicant's status, choose the Accepted Offer option that applies to the position (either needs PNBC or needs PNBC and PDS).

3. Based on outcome, the department proceeds with hire or re-posts position

Passed Screen: The PES Service Center contacts the department’s hiring official with outcome. In the case of a passed screen, an e-mail communication or a call from the Human Resources Employment Specialist should be expected.

Failed Screen: however, if an adverse result is found, Human Resources will discuss with the hiring official the next step taken.

For more information on pre-employment screening, please see HR Policy and Procedure 12.0 (previous version revision date: 11/08/06)