The Direct User account is used to complete three main tasks:

  • Create job requisitions
  • View applicants to your requisitions
  • Complete Pre-Employment National Background Checks

The system is designed to benefit you by facilitating:

  • Faster processing of employment applications
  • Up-to-date access to information regarding all of your requisitions
  • More detailed screening of applicants’ qualifications – before they reach the interview stage 

The Direct User account is appropriate for:

  • Posting HR Temporary Employment (STEPS) exemptions
  • Posting Part-time Faculty Positions
  • Posting Student Wage Lines
  • Posting Post-Doctoral Fellow Positions
  • Posting Teaching Assistant, Resident Assistant and Graduate Assistant positions

The Direct User account is NOT appropriate for:

  • Posting regular positions (with benefits)
  • Posting HR Temporary Employment (STEPS) positions
  • Regular Faculty Positions

Finally, check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Direct User feature.