Job Posting Process

1. Create a User Account ID

Visit the Online Employment system (OES) and create user account. HR Employment will typically approve user account requests within one business day. Please contact Employment at (859) 257-9555, press “2” or via email at for more information.

2. Online Employment System (OES)

UK's Online Employment System enables UK hiring departments to "post" job openings that will appear on our UK Jobs website. Hiring roles in the online system allow for streamlined, self-managed administration of many aspects of the hiring process. 

Hiring officials can use the OES to complete three tasks:

  • Create job requisitions.
  • View applicants to posted job requisitions.
  • Enter disposition decisions regarding the status of each applicant.

The OES benefits hiring officials by facilitating:

  • Faster processing of employment applications.
  • Up-to-date access to information regarding current and previous requisitions.
  • Detailed screening of applicants’ qualifications before they reach the interview stage.

3. Hiring Official's User Guide

  • Step-by-step instructions on creating requisitions.
  • How to view applicants view applications and resumes.
  • Information on administrative functions.

By viewing the Hiring Official's Guide, Hiring officials can access a detailed user's manual that outlines all aspects of the OES including:

4. Guest User Manual

The OES offers a unique function that allows hiring officials to activate "guest users" who can view online job requisitions. This feature is useful for interview committee members to login and view applicants separately or in teams. Use the Guest User Manual detailed instructions on managing guest user IDs.