UK Human Resources

Pre-Selected Candidate Procedures

What You Need to Know: 

HR Temporary Employment recognizes that various departments at the University of Kentucky often wish to employ pre-selected candidates (also called "Sign-ons"). In most cases the HR Temporary Employment office can accommodate each department with this request. However, per Human Resources Policy and Procedure 17.1.3, the HR Temporary Employment office is required to interview, screen, hire, compensate, and evaluate all HR temporary staff employees. Ready to request a pre-selected candidate? In summary, you will complete a STEPS Temporary Request Form and/or call (859) 257-3330 to discuss your department's needs, who your pre-selected candidates is, required paperwork, and pay rate information. HR Temporary Employment will assign a Temporary Employment Specialist to you after the job requistion has been received.

In order to efficiently manage the hiring process, HR Temporary Employment has created the following procedures for hiring pre-selected candidates:

I. Request an HR Temporary Employee

Complete the STEPS Temporary Request Form including all required information regarding job duties, department name, account number, supervisor, etc. Also include the name of the pre-selected candidate that you wish to place in the position. In the "Job Description" section you should include salary information if available. A Temporary Employment Specialist (TES) will contact you after you have submitted the job form to confirm the details and to set a time for interviewing your pre-selected candidate. PAY RATE: if you have discussed a pay rate with your pre-selected candidate you may enter that in the job description field on the job order form. If you are unsure about a pay rate, contact the HR Temporary Employment office.

II. Screening Interviews

The HR Temporary Employment office must screen all temporary employees. Although your department has already pre-selected a candidate and conducted an interview, a (TES) must screen your candidate to ensure that he/she is qualified for the temporary position and to process payroll related paperwork. The TES will also complete criminal background and employment checks in a timely and efficient manner. Note: HR Temporary Employment employees may start their positions prior to the receipt of results of criminal background checks. However, temporary employees may be removed from their positions based upon background check results. The candidate must contact HR Temporary Employment to schedule a time for a screening interview before starting the position. 

III. Paperwork

All HR Temporary Employment employees must complete required paperwork before beginning work. This paperwork is completed during the candidate's interview and includes the I-9 Form (employment eligibility verification), K-4 and W-4 tax forms, HR Temporary Employment Handbook, and a review of payroll procedures. It is UK policy and federal law that all employees must complete the I-9 form prior to the first day of work. The HR Temporary Employment office is not responsible for paying time worked by an employee before paperwork has been completed. Pre-selected candidates should bring work authorization documents that normally allow individuals to work within the US such as:

US Citizens - a picture ID such as an un-expired passport or un-expired driver’s license and a non-laminated Social Security card or certified copy of a birth certificate.

Non-Citizens - a Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (INS Form N-560 or N-561), Certificate of Naturalization (INS Form N-550 or N-570), an un-expired Temporary Resident Card (INS FormI-688), an un-expired Employment Authorization Card (INS Form I-688A), or an un-expired Reentry Permit (INS Form I-327)

IV. Orientation

HR Temporary Employment employees are required to attend an orientation session. This session will be scheduled with the employee during his/her interview. The orientation provides an explanation of the employee's rights and responsibilities and includes viewing of the OSHA, HIPAA, and Corporate Compliance Videos.

V. Evaluation

Once an HR Temporary Employment employee has completed an assignment the employee or the department manager must notify the HR Temporary Employment of the last day worked. A Performance Evaluation Form should be completed by the department manager and forwarded to HR Temporary Employment.