UK Human Resources

FAQs - Temporary Employment

  1. What is HR Temporary Employment?
    HR Temporary Employment is a service of UK Human Resources that meets the University's need for temporary employees in departments of UK Healthcare and UK Campus. HR Temporary Employment staffs a variety of jobs including administrative, technical, service, maintenance, skilled trades, laboratory, food service, and office/clerical. HR Temporary Employment fills both full-time and part-time jobs and accepts online applications from students and non-students. Temporary assignments can vary in length from one day to six months, and occasionally up to a year or more.
  2. What is the Online Employment System (OES)?
    The Online Employment System (OES) is UK's Web-based application and job posting system. The OES allows individuals to create electronic applications, submit resumes and cover letters, and to apply for jobs throughout the University 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with Internet access. Regular, temporary, faculty, and student jobs are listed on the OES. Once the online application is created, applicants can apply for jobs and follow the status during the selection and interview process.
  3. How can I apply for HR Temporary Employment jobs?
    HR Temporary Employment jobs at the University of Kentucky are posted on the UK JOBS website » Applicants can create online applications (regular, temporary, and/or student), search and apply for HR Temporary Employment jobs, and manage/view job application history. HR Temporary Employment job postings represent “pool” positions and may not reflect immediate openings. Temporary Employment Specialists review the applicants for “pool” positions as jobs become available and contact the most qualified applicants for interviews. For more information on the OES or HR Temporary Employment jobs, contact UK Employment.
  4. Do I have to fill out a separate application for HR Temporary Employment and Regular Employment ?
    Yes, there are separate applications for HR Temporary Employment and Regular Employment (and Student Employment). Much of the information is the same and is copied by the OES system from one application type into another. The HR Temporary Employment Application only requires a few additional screens of information.
  5. Can I submit my resume to HR Temporary Employment?
    HR Temporary Employment cannot process paper copies of resumes. However, some jobs allow applicants to attach resumes electronically on the OES.
  6. I applied for several jobs on the OES, what is my status?
    The status of OES applications can be monitored by using the "Manage Jobs" feature. Applications for HR Temporary Employment "pool" positions generally remain active for 2 – 3 months, but applicants may also apply for other HR Temporary Employment "pool" positions as they are posted.
  7. When will I be contacted? How soon will I hear from HR Temporary Employment?
    Temporary Employment Specialists review OES applications and select the most qualified candidates as job become available. Applicants may monitor their status by using the "Manage Jobs" feature.
  8. If hired, will I be required to complete the Pre-employment National Background Check (PNBC) and the Pre-employment Drug Screen (PDS)?
    All new HR Temporary Employment employees are required to complete the PNBC when initially hired. New employees hired for positions in UK Chandler Hospital and/or Good Samaritan Hospital must also complete the PDS. New temporary employees are considered "contingent" hires based upon the successful completion of the PNBC and/or PDS and may start a position before results have been received in Human Resources.

    PNBC - In 2006, the Kentucky legislature passed House Bill 3, requiring state postsecondary institutions to conduct pre-employment national background checks (PNBC) on all prospective regular full-time, regular part-time, temporary and student employees hired, beginning July 12, 2006. Additionally, all applicants for employment will be required to complete an employment application requesting self-disclosure of felony convictions.

    PDS - The Pre-employment Drug Screen (PDS) is a way to protect our campus, reduce legal exposure relating to negligent hiring, and allow the University to move more emphatically toward implementation of its stated Drug-free Policy.  The PDS screen is a urinanalysis given to new temporary employees after the point where the job offer has been made. Temporary employees may start a job before the PDS results have been received, but continued employment in the job is contingent on the successful completion of the PDS process.