UK Human Resources

STEPS Payroll Guide

What You Need to Know: 

STEPS Temporary Employees are paid biweekly. It is up to STEPS employees to ensure that their timesheets are completed and turned in on time in order to ensure paychecks go out on the scheduled pay dates as listed on the calendar below.

Payroll Schedule

Pay Period Timesheet Due Pay Day
R14 6/14-6/27/15
R15 6/28-7/11/15
R16 7/12-7/25/15
R17 7/26-8/8/15
R18 8/9-8/22/15
R19 8/23-9/5/15
R20 9/6-9/19/15
R21 9/20-10/3/15
R22 10/4-10/17/15
R23 10/18-10/31/15
R24 11/1-11/14/15
R25 11/15-11/28/15
R26 11/29-12/12/15
R27 12/13-12/26/15
Thursday 6/25
Thursday 7/9
Thursday 7/23
Thursday 8/6
Thursday 8/20
Thursday 9/3
Thursday 9/17
Thursday 10/1
Thursday 10/15
Thursday 10/29
Thursday 11/12
Wednesday 11/25
Thursday 12/10
Wednesday 12/23

Timesheet Instructions

*PLEASE NOTE: Timesheets are due by noon on Thursdays unless otherwise noted. HR Temporary Employment timesheets require your Person ID. number.

  1. On a blank HR Temporary Employment timesheet fill in Person ID, name, pay period, placement number, and department name where assigned. When recording hours worked, remember that any off-shift hours must be labeled for the shift differential to be paid.
  2. Both the temporary employee and the supervisor must sign the timesheet - see timesheet completion Guide.
  3. Unless handled by the department, it is the temporary employee’s responsibility to submit a copy of his/her signed timesheet reporting all hours worked to the Temporary Employment office at 103 Scovell Hall, or fax it to 257-7464, or email a PDF file to by noon on the dates listed below. Temporary Employees are not permitted to deliver original timesheets. Original timesheets need to be submitted by the supervisor to the Temporary Employment Office via campus mail or personal delivery by payday Friday.
  4. It is highly recommended that you verify your hours each Monday following timesheet due dates using MyUK and selecting the ESS (Employee Self Service) tab. You may also contact the Temporary Employment office at 257-9518 to confirm receipt of timesheet.
  5. Direct deposit is mandatory. Temporary Employment stubs are mailed on the day before payday to the address on file. Please maintain a current address with the HR Temporary Employment Office.