UK Human Resources

Why STEPS Temporary Employment?

What You Need to Know: 

STEPS Temporary employees hold vital positions across UK's campus, in services ranging food service to office administration and IT to health care. These positions offer valuable, fulfilling opportunities to serve as part of the University community. For individuals seeking regular full-time employment, STEPS Temporary Employment also offers great networking opportunities and relevant work experience.

Reasons to Consider STEPS Temporary Employment

  1. You're looking for regular full-time employment. STEPS could be a foot in the door! Some employees are able to transition into full-time positions after successfully compelting a STEPS assignment.
  2. You are retired and are still interested in being a part of the UK community by engaging in meaningful work.
  3. You are not interested in full-time hours; many part-time positions are available through STEPS.
  4. You are interested in further exploring a field and you would like to gain work experience.
  5. You are available for seasonal employment or a short time-frame; many positions are flexible in the length of the contract.


While STEPS Temporary employees are not eligible for the regular benefits offered to full-time employees, there are several perks to working at UK with STEPS:

  1. There will not typically be overtime and if you are authorized to work overtime with STEPS you will be paid at one and one-half times your wage rate.
  2. You may be eligible to participate in one of UK's health plans as a STEPS employee.
  3. After six months of employment you may be eligible to participate in Health & Wellness programming.