How will the transition to the new IES affect me?

Your current UK Jobs application materials will not transfer to the new system. Prepare yourself for this transition by logging into your account via UK Jobs and printing or saving your application materials outside of the UK Jobs system.

June 17th- Last day to access your application information in the current system.

June 18th- New Employment System goes live. On this date the new system will be available for applicants to set up new user accounts.

You will need to utilize 2 systems for a period of time to manage your applications until the transition is complete.

What are the advantages of the new IES?

  1. Bookmark jobs. Bookmarking a job is like flagging a web page to return to easily. When you look at your bookmarked jobs, the system presents a list of the positions you have saved. You must be logged into the system in order to bookmark and/or view bookmarked jobs.
  2. Email jobs to friends. When you see a job posting that's not right for you but would be perfect for someone you know, the system can send them a quick link to the job posting. You'll need to provide your friend's email address, and you'll be able to include your name and a personal note as part of the email that the system sends.
  3. Create an RSS feed. RSS feeds provide real time updates from any website. When you subscribe to UK Jobs RSS feed, your browser will automatically check the job listings and download new jobs so you can see what is new since you last visited the feed.

  4. Store documents (e.g. resume and cover letter) for use on future applications.  The new Integrated Employment System allows you to save documents online for easy access when applying for positions at the University of Kentucky. It is important to note, the system cannot accept audio, PowerPoint, Visio, web pages, or bitmap (.bmp) files.

  5. Archive old jobs. The new Integrated Employment System allows you to archive/"hide" old positions that you applied to for easy organization and viewing.

When will the new IES go live?

The new system will go live June 18, 2014

How will I apply using the new IES?

All positions effective June 18, 2014, will be posted on the new Integrated Employment System. The website is located right off the main UK website, Once you are there, click on “Jobs” in the top center of the page. From the Jobs page you will click on the blue button on the right hand side labeled “UK JOBS Search and Apply". This will take you to the applicant homepage.

It is important to note that you must search the job postings and apply online for each and every position in which you are interested in and meet the minimum qualifications as described in the job posting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 859-257-9555 option “2”.