A Career Path Combining Law and Higher Ed Leads to UK

The University of Kentucky is an employer of choice for our more than 13,000 staff and faculty. While we’re proud to offer one great place to work for all employees, it's also true that we attract more than our share of individuals who have long had a passion for making a difference in higher education.

You can count Dana among those with a strong interest in working in a college or university setting. With a master’s degree in higher education and a law degree, it’s easy to see that Dana has no shortage of career options. It says a lot that she relocated from Arkansas for a career at the University of Kentucky.

Dana has found at UK not only a perfect setting for her talents and interests, but also meaningful opportunities for growth. As Dana puts it, it’s been a privilege to collaborate with “great minds” – UK colleagues as well as community leaders and public safety officials – all dedicated to helping ensure the environment for students is both safe and productive.

Dana’s legal training and knowledge of higher education has enabled her to play a leadership role in this process. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a role that combines developing policies while also understanding their impact on the lives of our students. That means representing the University in student affairs issues, offering strategic thinking behind policy development and coordinating reviews designed to constantly improve the environment for students. Perhaps most importantly, Dana thinks of her job in terms of prevention – working closely with students, staff and faculty to create a positive environment on campus.

With the University’s continued growth in enrollment planned as part of our Top 20 goals, it’s clear Dana’s contributions will be more important than ever. You can see see Dana’s motivation in the way she inspires both our students and her colleagues.  Perhaps its no surprise, then, that this Arkansas native now calls Kentucky home.