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Caregiver Support Group

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 12:10 pm to 12:50 pm Location: Room B-108C of the W.T. Young Library (room is located in the basement in the West Wing next to the Writing Center)

UK Caregiver's Walk and Talk Group - Who's Interested - Walk & Talk is a great way to deal with the stresses of caregiving as we all know caregiving is no easy task. Loneliness, social isolation, depression, increased stress levels and illness are big issues for caregivers. Support groups allow you the time away from the emotional upheaval that can be your life. A support group can help you find new coping strategies, explore new healthier life style practices and find comfort and strength in knowing that you are not alone. With that said, caregiver support does not have to be limited to formal support group settings. Taking a break, getting some exercise along with a little Vitamin D, and connecting with others are easy and fun ways to balance self care and caring for a loved one. Dr. Steven Zarit, Penn State Geriatric Psychologist has found that ‘predictable breaks from caregiving are both emotionally as well as physiologically needed.' Joining the UK Caregiver’s Walk & Talk Group is a place to start. We need to finalize the details – time, place etc., and we need your help!  What time of the day works best – morning, lunchtime or after work? What day (s) of the week do we want to walk? Do we want to walk around campus or another location like The Arboretum? These are the details we will discuss at our next Care Group. If you are unable to join us that day but are interested in being part of the Caregiver’s Walk & Talk Group, please contact Terri Weber at (859) 323-4600 ext. 80457 or

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