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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is mandatory for all UK employees. New Student employees should fill out this direct deposit form, attach a voided check and return to the department of hire. Completed direct deposit forms may also be sent directly to:

UK Payroll
340 Peterson Service Bldg.

Employee Separation Sheet Form

Departments/supervisors should complete this form when an employee leaves employment with the University.

Staff Appointment / Change in Status
Hiring Officials
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End of Orientation Form

Use this form to evaluate new or transferred employees performance after 90 days of employment.

Hiring for KHEAA Work-Study

Please see our KHEAA Work-Study Program site for information about requesting a position to be filled through KWSP (Kentucky Work-Study Program).

Memo of Understanding for Hiring Officials

Hiring officials that are in the process of hiring anyone as it pertains to Policy 17.0: HR Temporary and Student Employment Services should fill out this form.

Salary Recommendation Form (Staff)
Salary Recommendation Form - Campus Instructions
Salary Recommendation Form - Healthcare Instructions
STEPS Employee Request Form
STEPS Performance Evaluation

At the conclusion of a STEPS temporary employee's assignment, please fill out this performance evaluation. It is important to us when considering future assignments for each employee. Please complete and return this form to the Temporary Employment office by faxing to 257-­7464 or send the original via campus mail to:

Temporary Employment, 103 Scovell Hall, 0064.

Student Employee Request Form

Use this form to submit a request for posting a new Student Employee position.

Supervisor's Checklist - 1st Day
Supervisor's Checklist - 2nd Day through 2 Weeks
Tell Us if you Hired a Student!

If you have hired a Student Employee through UK, we want to know about it! Student Employment at the University of Kentucky is funded in part by a grant, which stipulates that we must collect hiring information. Please help us keep this great service FREE by supplying the following information when you have hired a Student Employment referral. Thank you.

Temporary Disability Leave/Retirement Conversion Form

Use this form to create a new position or redefine the duties of a current position. Once completed all required signatures must be obtained prior to submitting the document to the Compensation Department.

Temporary Employment Evaluation

This form is used by employers to evaluate the performance of a temporary employee.

Student Employment
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KHEAA Work-Study Application

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) Work-Study Program Student Application

Give yourself an edge in finding and keeping a career related position. If you already have a job please let us know. We may be able to reimburse your employer which could provide them with more money to keep you employed!

Tell Us When You're Hired

Student Employment at the University of Kentucky is funded in part by a grant, which stipulates that we must collect hiring information. Please help us keep this great service FREE by supplying the information when you are hired.

Temporary Employment
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STEPS Timesheet

Fill out this form using the instructions on the STEPS Timesheet Guide page


Unless handled by the department, it is the temporary employee’s responsibility to submit a copy of  his/her signed timesheet reporting all hours worked to the Temporary Employment office at 103  Scovell Hall, or fax it to 257-7464, or email a PDF file to TempEmpTimesheets@uky.edu by 12:00 p.m. on the dates listed below. Temporary Employees are not permitted to deliver original timesheets. Original timesheets need to be submitted by the supervisor to the Temporary Employment Office via campus mail or personal delivery by payday Friday. 


Temporary Employees - Address Change
Temporary Employment Timesheet

This form is used by temporary employees to record their work hours for a given pay period.