1st Annual HR ACE Awards Ceremony Held Friday September 13

The Ace Awards ceremony happens once each year, and the prizes are fanastic! Our three winners received: a $50 gift card, an award certificate, a plaque for posting in Scovell Hall lobby, lunch with Kim Wilson and Mary Ferlan, and a featured note of recognition in the HR e-newsletter (Thrive) and on the HR web pages.

Winners were announced in the following categories:

Game Changer: Catherine Streiff

"...performance is exceptional, in part, due to her eagerness to help, accept projects with a positive attitude along with her fresh ideas and ability to 'think outside the box' makes her an employee who distinguishes herself to go above and beyond."


Peer Recognition: Matt McMahan

"I don't know his work schedule, but I don't believe it would be on a Saturday. He also made a home visit. Matt has a big heart and I really appreciated his timely response. I know the retiree is very much appreciative of his help."


Raising the Bar: Jon Davis

"I know he must be extremely busy as the EEP deadline approaches, but he never gives me the impression that he does not have time to assist me."


2013 Nominees for Ace Award

The UK HR Ace Award is an annual award given to employees of UK's HR department who excel in their work. Read more about the Ace Award here, and submit a nomination while you're at it!

View more quotes about our winners and nominees in the slideshow below:

Congratulations again to all of our nominees! We recognize each individual as an outstanding member of our HR team for continuously strengthening our department's service mission and culture:

  • Brooke Keller, STEPS Temporary Employment

  • Sheila Giles, STEPS Temporary Employment

  • Tanya Neace, Employee Benefits

  • Tina Cornett, Employee Benefits

  • Matt McMahan, Employee Benefits

  • Jo Holbrook, Employee Benefits

  • Donna Henry, Employee Benefits

  • Terri Kanatzar, Employee Benefits

  • Jon Davis, Employee Benefits

  • Carol Watson, Employee Benefits

  • Catherine Raines, Communications & Technology

  • Diane Kohler, Career Development

  • Louie Bosworth, Employment

  • Michele Bailey, Employee Relations

  • Sharon Welch, Compensation

  • Lisa Sibley, Compensation