Dept Dept Name Area Budget Officer Contacts
3Axxx Office of Treasurer EVPFA Kristina Wyatt Dills
3Bxxx Office of Institutional Equity & Equality EVPFA Heather Roop, Terry Allen
3Cxxx VP for Facilities EVPFA Adrienne Green, Cindy Isaac
3Dxxx Auxiliary Services EVPFA Adrienne Green, Cindy Isaac
3Gxxx Office of Planning/Budget/Policy Analysis EVPFA Roxanne McLetchie, Anthony Russell
3H000 Office of Safety & Security EVPFA Jane Smith; Anthony Beaty
3HE** Environmental Health & Safety EVPFA Rachel Eldridge
3HL00 UK Police EVPFA Alexandra McConnell
3HT00 Parking And Transportation EVPFA Cathleen Ketron
3Jxxx Human Resources EVPFA Ward Suthon
3Kxxx Office of Internal Audit EVPFA Roxanne McLetchie, Anthony Russell
10000 Office of The President President Amy Kirkpatrick Hisel
10200 University Senate Council President Sheila Brothers
10900 Boone Center President Toni A Graham
11300 Office of Legal Counsel President Sonya Renee Parks; Amanda Kaup
14000 Office of Development President Maria S Lykins, Greg Laur
17300 Commerc. & Econ. Dev. President Judy Duncan, Fiscal Affairs
18400 VP for Institutional Diversity President Billie DeGaris
12xxx Athletics President Melissa Gleason
14xxx VP for Advancement President Nancy Culp, Stan Key
40120 Fiscal Affairs Research Toni Smith
40520 KY Geological Survey Research Toni Smith
40832 Laboratory Animal Resources Research Toni Smith
40833 Clinical Research & Development Research Toni Smith
81300 Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Provost Susan Campbell, Rosemary Veach, LeAnn Herzog
4xxxx VP for Research Provost Katherine Stanwix-Hay
7Cxxx Clinical Research & Development Provost Jane Harrison; Judy Evans-Pack
7Exxx College of Nursing Provost Christie Henson
7Hxxx College of Medicine Provost Linda Williams
7Kxxx College of Pharmacy Provost Mandy Bucy
7Nxxx College of Health Sciences Provost Denise McCarthy
7Pxxx College of Public Health Provost Kim Judd
81xxx College of Agriculture Provost Susan Campbell, Rosemary Veach, LeAnn Herzog
87xxx Enrollment Management Provost Susan Caldwell
88xxx University Libraries Provost Stephen Sizemore, Melissa Barlow
89xxx Office of the Provost Provost Lisa Wilson, Kristen Cheser, Paula Cox
8Exxx College of Arts & Sciences Provost Stella Matuszak, Kathleen Harman
8Fxxx College of Business & Econ Provost Deborah O'Daniel
8Gxxx College of Education Provost Rosemary Waters
8Hxxx College of Engineering Provost Mary McBeath, Connie Ecabert
8Ixxx APAT (Academic Planning Analytics Technology) Provost Gina Lysell
8Kxxx College of Law Provost Alison Begor
8Mxxx College of Communication Provost Jonathan Clifton
8Nxxx College of Design Provost Virginia M Miller
8Txxx College of Social Work Provost Christy Fitch
8Wxxx Graduate School Provost John Collins
8xxxx Undergraduate Education Provost Linda Fooks
8Xxxx College of Fine Arts Provost Rachel Copeland
8Z010 CELT Provost Per Ole Bratset
8Z3** UK International Center Provost Mary Hammons
8Z5** Student Affairs Provost Betsy B Mahoney; Connie Harrison