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Business Partner: Liz Hillard

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Dean's Administration Departments   Basic Sciences Departments & Centers 
7H008 Area Health Education Ctr   7H081 AMR Anatomy & Neurobiology
7H000 College of Medicine   7H082 AMR Biochemistry
7H250 Continuing Medical Education   7H083 AMR Microbiology & Immunology
7H001 Graduate Medical Education   7H084 AMR Physiology
7H011 Kentucky Telecare   7H085 AMR Toxicology
7H009 Ofc Of Health Research & Dev   7H100 Anatomy & Neurobiology
7H002 Office Of Medical Education   7H150 Behavioral Science
7H019 Rural Physician Leadership Program   7H025 Cancer Center-Core Support
Medical Departments   7H365 Cardiovascular Research
7H668 Adolescent Medicine   7H051 Cardiovascular Research Center
7H460 Family and Community Medicine   7H801 Center for Trauma and Children
7H461 Family Medicine - Hazard   7H090 Center On Drug & Alcohol Resea
7H460 Family Practice   7H041 Ctr for Research on Environ Disease
7H461 Family Practice - Hazard   7H018 Graduate Center For Toxicology
7H350 Internal Medicine   7H01D IBU BS & CTR
7H369 Internal Medicine - Hospitalist   7H023 Kentucky Community Cancer Prog
7H351 Internal Medicine & Divisions -  Allergy   7H024 MCC -  Clinical Research Org
7H354 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Cardiolo   7H400 Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Gen
7H356 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Educatio   7H700 Molecular & Biomedical Pharmacology
7H357 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Endocrin   7H180 Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
7H358 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Gastroen   7H751 Muscle Biology Center
7H359 Internal Medicine & Divisions - General   7H160 Nutritional Sciences
7H368 Internal Medicine & Divisions - HEM/BMT   7H600 Pathology
7H361 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Infectio   7H750 Physiology
7H362 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Nephrolo   7H030 Sanders-Brown Ctr On Aging
7H363 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Pulmonar   7H016 Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Res
7H364 Internal Medicine & Divisions - Rheumato   Hospital-Based Departments
7H367 Internal Medicine & Divisions-Med Onc   7H140 Emergency Medicine
7H650 Pediatrics   7H141 Emergency Medicine - Pediatrics
7H668 Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine   7H900 Radiation Medicine
7H651 Pediatrics - Allergy   H3350 Radiation Medicine Services
7H652 Pediatrics - Cardiology   7H300 Radiology
7H653 Pediatrics - Clinic   7H303 Radiology - KY Sports Medicine
7H669 Pediatrics - Comm Ped Card   Surgical Departments
7H654 Pediatrics - Critical Care   7H130 Anesthesiology
7H655 Pediatrics - Endocrine/Metabolic   7H131 Anesthesiology - Acute
7H656 Pediatrics - Gastroenterology   7H132 Anesthesiology - CAS
7H657 Pediatrics - General   7H133 Anesthesiology - ICU
7H658 Pediatrics - General/Dysmorphology   7H137 Anesthesiology - L&D
7H659 Pediatrics - Hematology/Oncology   7H135 Anesthesiology - OR
7H660 Pediatrics - Hemophilia   7H138 Anesthesiology - Other
7H661 Pediatrics - Hospitalist   7H128 Anesthesiology - Pain
7H662 Pediatrics - House Staff   7H129 Anesthesiology - Pre OP
7H663 Pediatrics - Infectious Disease   7H507 HR-OBGYN-Hazard PCC
7H665 Pediatrics - Neonatology   7H010 IBU-Accounting
7H664 Pediatrics - Nephrology   M1300 Kentucky Neuroscience Institute
7H666 Pediatrics - Pulmonology   7H852 Neurology
7H667 Pediatrics - Research   7H835 Neuroscience - Shared
7H670 Pediatrics - UK Metabolic Division   7H853 Neurosurgery
7H654 Pediatrics - Werner Critical Care   M5000 OB/GYN
M4000 Pediatrics Clinic   7H506 OB/GYN - Morehead
7H671 Pediatrics-Rheumatology/Musculoskeletal   7H500 Obstetrics & Gynecology
M3000 Peds Cardiology Clinic   7H502 Obstetrics & Gynecology - Endocrinology
7H800 Psychiatry   7H501 Obstetrics & Gynecology - Generalist
Ambulatory Departments   7H504 Obstetrics & Gynecology - KY Womens Heal
H6555 Admitting   7H503 Obstetrics & Gynecology - Maternal Fetal
H3020 Admitting and Registration Services   7H505 Obstetrics & Gynecology - Oncology
H4001 Ambulatory Patient Access Services   7H840 Ophthalmology - Eye Bank
HAMBU Ambulatory Services Administration   7H841 Ophthalmology - Optical Shop
M1200 Community Management Practice   7H854 Ophthalmology & Visual Science
M1000 Georgetown Family Practice   7H842 Ophthalmology Community Clinics
7H466 June Buchanan   7H873 Ortho Shriner
7H070 Kentucky Clinic South   M2500 Orthopaedic Clinic
7H464 Northfork Valley   7H859 Orthopaedic Surgery
7H060 Rural Kentucky Health Care   7H870 Orthopaedic Surgery - General
H3420 Transplant   7H871 Orthopaedic Surgery - Joint and Spine
H3420 Transplant Services   7H872 Orthopaedic Surgery - Sports Medicine
H8505 University Health Service/Hosp   7H860 Otolaryngology
M7000 Cardiovascular   M6000 Pain Care Services
      7H951 Physical Medicine & Rehab - Research Div
      7H950 Rehabilitation Medicine
      7H856 Surgery/Cardiothoracic
      7H851 Surgery/Department
      7H862 Surgery/Dermatology
      7H850 Surgery/General
      7H857 Surgery/Pediatrics
      7H858 Surgery/Plastic
      7H861 Surgery/Transplant
      7H855 Surgery/Urology
      Ambulatory  Departments
      M3480 Ambulatory Sports Medicine
      H3030 Cancer Clinic Services
      H3190 Polk-Dalton Clinic