UK Human Resources

Access Leave Balance Statement

What You Need to Know: 

The Working Time section of myUK Employee Self-Service provides a summary of your vacation leave, temporary disability (sick) leave and holiday leave accrual, usage and balance.

  1. Login to the myUK ESS portal at If you need help, visit this guide first.
  2. All non-exempt employees can submit working time online through Employee Self-Service. NOTE: STEPS, Work Study students and KRONOS employees cannot use this tool. Please choose the "Employee Self Service" tab for access to Working Time: ​
  3. From the Employee Services Overview, choose the Working Time area.
  4. On the following "Working Time" page, in the middle of the page, click on the "View Account Balances" link
  5. This will display a view of your leave balance accrual rates for vacation, TDL (sick leave) and holiday leave. The page will will also display remaining balances for each leave type.