UK Human Resources

Enroll or Edit: Voluntary Retirement

What You Need to Know: 

The myUK Voluntary Retirement feature allows you to review current voluntary retirement plans as well as add, edit, or remove plans.

  1. Login to the myUK ESS portal at If you need help, visit this guide first.
  2. To access the Voluntary Retirement feature, first click on the "Benefits and Payment" menu item.
  3. Click on the "Benefits" link.
  4. Then click on the "Voluntary Retirement" link displayed on the Benefits and Payment main page.
  5. Add, edit, or remove optional retirement plans by using the buttons under the list of plans.
  6. After selecting a plan, enter the pre-tax amount you want to contribute during each pay period.
  7. Review the plan information about a plan by clicking on the links under "Remarks."
  8. You may review your plan(s) and then click "Save" to finalize your selection.